Zena & Gord - Garden wedding Salt Spring Island

Zena & Gord's wedding was overflowing with organic details from beautiful succulents nestled in the stairs leading to a lush ceremony arch. The bride herself is a designer so can you blame her for perfecting all of the details? Gorgeous location? Check. Stunning dress? Check... This wedding was almost too easy to photograph!

Zena & Gord, I got to know you during our engagement session and I was really excited to photograph you wedding. You are one of the sweetest couples I have ever worked with :) 

Jenn & Eric - Beachfront Wedding Salt Spring Island

Jenn & Eric’s beautiful beach wedding took place at a charming property, tucked away on the south end of the island. With their closest family and friends, this couple celebrated the day with champagne toasts and tons of love. I love photographing a beach wedding, the landscape is constantly evolving and the colors and natural light are different from day to day (and hour to hour)!

Jenn & Eric, thank you for including me in your special day. I loved meeting your friends and family!

Andrea & Ryan - Beaver Point Hall Salt Spring Island Wedding

I have to admit that this Salt Spring wedding is about as cute as they come. It's everything an island wedding should be, and then some :) Andrea & Ryan had their ceremony at one of Salt Spring's beautiful B&Bs and their celebration at Beaver Point Hall. This wedding was the perfect example of how a rustic location and a little island charm can make your wedding day everything you imagined!

Andrea & Ryan, you planned a wedding true to who you are centred around the things and the people you love. Thank you for asking me to be a part of your day!

Tammy & Chris - Hastings House Salt Spring Island Wedding

Tammy & Chris are the ultimate romantics. They share a profound love and respect for one another that was apparent from the moment I met them. They had thought through and planned every detail of their wedding with a calmness that only comes with experience and wisdom. When Tammy walked down to meet Chris in a dazzling dress of flowing layers and lace, the look on Chris' face was one to behold.  He looked so proud, so happy...so in love!  

Tammy & Chris, thank you for sharing your day with me. I loved your deep connection was palpable.

Mia & Frank - Salt Spring Island Backyard Wedding

Mia & Frank's backyard wedding was an emotional, intimate celebration that included their family in a magical outdoor ceremony overlooking the ocean. Their home, with it's beautiful artwork, was the perfect magical and unique setting that incorporated the couple’s outdoor hobbies and love of nature. 

Mia & Frank, I loved meeting your family and getting to share this special day with all of you!

Brieanne & Jordan - Beddis Beach Salt Spring Island

With the ceremony at Beddis Beach and the portraits at Ruckle Park, Brieanne & Jordan were inspired by all the rustic beauty that Salt Spring has to offer! Organizing this event from off island was a huge family effort, and this wedding couple put thought and love into the tiniest of details.  

Brieanne & Jordan, I loved photographing your special day. Your inclusion of so many of your family members and friends demonstrates what a loving, caring couple you are!

The Patstone Family - St Mary Lake Resort

Members of the Patstone family travelled from around the world to reunite on Salt Spring Island. They rented a few cabins at St Mary Lake Resort and that's where I met with them for our photoshoot. Music plays a tremendous role in this family's life, and watching the grandkids dance around the harp warmed my heart. Not only was this family the sweetest to work with, I left our session with my cheeks hurting from smiling so much!

Zena & Gord - Salt Spring Engagement

CCapturing engagement sessions are so much fun... especially when you have the sweetest clients in front of the camera. Zena & Gord are such romantic sweethearts that it was a joy to hop around the island with the two of them. We started at their family property on the lake then made our way to Drummond Park where they climbed one of the massive trees - the place where they had their first date - told you they were romantic! 

Donna & Guy - Quarrystone House Salt Spring Island

I have known Donna & Guy for several years and I was so glad she called and asked me to photograph their wedding! They are hopelessly in love with each other, and it was very apparent during the entire day. During their ceremony, they were surrounded by loving family and friends. They laughed and smiled together and it was impossible to miss how much they love being together.  

Thank you both Donna & Guy!

The Casiro Family on Salt Spring Island

The Casiro clan was recently reunited on our lovely island and wanted take advantage of their time together by getting some family portraits. I headed over to the beautiful Salt Spring Island home they rented to photograph them in a gorgeous space that boasted a terrific view of the ocean and a lovely garden. One of my favourite things when photographing families is to be an observer, allowing the family to enjoy their time together, allowing me to capture those real moments - this fun loving group was no exception!

Meghan & Nigel - Hastings House Salt Spring Island

Newlyweds Meghan & Nigel wanted a wedding that showcased the beauty of Salt Spring Island, and that’s precisely what they got with their ceremony at the Hastings House! The day kicked off with an ocean front ceremony, and culminated with a family-style dinner that included dancing, laughter and a whole lot of love!

Kiana & Zach – Hastings House Salt Spring Island Wedding

Oh my goodness this wedding was fun, sun-soaked, and gorgeous.  Kiana and Zach’s wedding at the Hastings House was a unique and joyful celebration. This wedding reflected their commitment to live simply and faithfully. Every detail included in their wedding day was personal and the result of a loving community effort. This sweet couple laughed their way through the whole day with their family and friends. Kiana & Zach, you two are adorable; I loved photographing you wedding day!

Amy & Ruben - Salt Spring Island Engagement shoot

It's not everyday I get to photograph an engagement as it's happening - and this one was extra special because it was for my little brother! When Ruben told me what he planned for Amy, I was convinced he could pull it off! You see, Amy loved the idea of a photo shoot of the two of them as a birthday gift. Our plan was to set off for Ruckle Park, one of Amy's favourite Salt Spring locations, and start our 'birthday' shoot as I waited for Ruben's cue. Once he motioned for me to move further away so they could share their intimate moment more privately, I stood, camera in hand, feeling a little excited and a little nervous about what was about to happen. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I got just a bit misty eyed as I watched my brother fall to one knee and a huge smile spread across Amy's face. I have no idea what was said, but she clearly melted in his arms as she loudly proclaimed YES! Amy, I am so excited you are going to be my sister. Welcome to the family!