Flexible & fair event-based coverage 

When your plans are still in their infancy, it’s next to impossible to know exactly how many hours of coverage you’ll need on your wedding day. That is why you’ll notice that I don’t offer 4, 6 or 8 hour packages. Instead of the traditional “hourly” package coverage, my wedding photography packages are based on the events that occur during the day of an average wedding. While most couples have no idea, at the time of consult, what amount of coverage they need, they do know which parts of their day they want covered.

Rather than limiting your wedding day coverage to a strict number of hours (which can force you to squeeze your day into a timeline that simply isn’t realistic), event-based coverage allows you to tell me which parts of the day you want the coverage to start and stop at; no matter how long it takes between those events. This peace of mind also helps with wedding budgeting as you don’t need to factor in the possibility of overtime charges.

Intimate Wedding: pricing starts at $1900

Elopement: pricing starts at $675